Why not just do it yourself?

"Transformation is far more than just dealing with enterprise or market changes. Elyon has trained its consultants to be leaders in transforming enterprises through industry best practices, uniquely selected to your unique business challenge, and combined in our proprietary “Framework Integration” approach. Our goal in consulting is to assist you in increasing the efficiency, effectiveness, agility and durability of your enterprise."

Carl Engel
CEO Elyon Strategies

What we offer

Your leaders. Our experts. One team.

Our consultants provide the necessary support that executives, upper management and their strategic initiatives need in order to solidify a vision and a plan, integrate industry recognized frameworks, and create a roadmap for transformation.

We even invented a Framework for State Medicaid Agencies

--- They needed a method for advancing Medicaid IT Architecture (MITA) Maturity

Elyon created the MITA Adoption Framework to help advance MITA maturity. Contact us to find out how you can use this method to Plan, Design, Prioritize and Measure your complex Medicaid initiatives.

How do we do it?

The method we use to help the enterprise improve its ability to change is rooted in enterprise architecture (EA). EA provides a framework that allows change to occur in a way that aligns and facilitates the enterprise’s strategies and goals. But we don’t stop there. Most organizations have already put in place various industry best practices that need to be integrated. And to solve your enterprise’s unique business problem we may have to use others. We developed a proprietary “Framework Integration” approach that creates the right blend of these time-tested frameworks so that we can efficiently and effectively help you transform, leaving behind a durable and agile approach that works for your unique industry and cultural environment.

How will you transform?

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