Elyon Enterprise Strategies, Inc. Releases Medicaid Provider Enrollment App

By Josh Reeder-Esparza

Folsom, CA – Elyon Enterprise Strategies, Inc. (http://www.elyonstrategies.com) announced today it is releasing its new Medicaid specific provider enrollment solution to offer States an affordable and innovative alternative to industry multi-year development procurements. The Elyon Solution delivers configurable Provider Screening and Enrollment functionality specifically designed for Medicaid.  Standard features include a robust set of healthcare-specific processes and data models, coupled with built-in support for healthcare standards, code sets, and HIPAA compliance. The solution streamlines eligibility and enrollment for consistent and accurate processing, optimizes ongoing provider management, minimizes risk, maximizes business agility, and increases ROI for State Medicaid Agencies.

Elyon’s low code/no code, program specific solutions offer states an alternative to multi-year procurements, minimal functional products and massive culture shifts. Through the Elyon application, State governments gain access to one of the most powerful platforms for application management, robotics (RPA/RDA) and AI. Elyon’s software as a service subscription model makes acquiring the application easy and affordable. States can implement Provider Screening and Enrollment and integrate it with existing Medicaid Management Information Systems using the application’s extendable data model and out of the box APIs. It comes with the Pega® Platform, giving States a scalable, modern, continuous improvement, deployment, delivery, and integration environment. Elyon maintains the environment/platform, performs software maintenance and management, as well as disaster recovery, business resumption, backups, and upgrades.

Carl Engel, CEO said “US State and local government agencies are desperate for major advancements in technology acquisition, delivery, and operations. They need a new solution for acquiring modern solutions that meet the need for flexible, modern, and cost-effective solutions. The multi-year, legacy modernization efforts have had minimal if any success. New Agile, DevOps, iterative improvements have made minimal progress. We wanted to help our Medicaid customers by offering an innovative and affordable solution to this problem. This is the first application on our roadmap, and we have development efforts underway for more.” Carl indicated that Elyon will be demonstrating the application at the upcoming Medicaid Enterprise Systems Conference August 13-16, 2018 in Portland, Oregon. (www.mesconference.org)

About Elyon Enterprise Strategies, Inc.

Elyon Enterprise Strategies provides comprehensive enterprise business design and strategic advisory services for state government and private sector organizations undergoing significant change. In health care, we provide the strategic vision, leadership capability, implementable architecture, and digital transformation services you need to reinvigorate or reinvent your Health and Human Services enterprise. Our work is uniquely enabled by independent model-driven assessments to mature health IT initiatives and capabilities including MITA 3.0 and CMS Seven Standards and Conditions, Medicaid Enterprise Certification for states and products, health analytics for Accountable Care Organizations, HIT/HIE, and other complex multi-enterprise initiatives aimed to improve health outcomes. More information on the company’s notable achievements, services provided, key leadership, and history can be found at www.elyonstrategies.com.