Framework Integration

Developed by Elyon Founder and CEO, Carl Engel, Elyon now offers a one day overview and workshop course in Framework Integration. This course helps enterprise and solution architects select and integrate industry recognized frameworks tailored to their unique business problem. The course has been featured at the GovEA-East and -West conferences over the last two years and provides a holistic architecture-based method at the core of Elyon's consulting approach to transformation. Students bring a business problem they are trying to solve and get practical workshop time to use the information learned in the course.

Zachman International EA Training

We are the only Zachman International Consultancy Provider in North America, partnering to provide practical application of the Zachman Framework™. The Zachman Framework™ is the basis for Architecture and the ontology for describing the Enterprise. It compliments methodologies like PEAF™ and TOGAF™. Processes based on ontological structure will be predictable and produce repeatable results – a desired outcome for today’s complex organizations.

This course is designed to teach the science of EA- what things exist in the Enterprise, about the ontology, and equip Enterprise Architects to make their own methodological choices. In this hands-on modeling workshop, we develop the science behind EA, as derived from the Zachman Framework™ Ontology. We’ll be looking at real-life examples and case studies from real consulting projects and finally give you the ability to answer the question “how do I use The Zachman Framework?”

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We “workshop” how to build and implement PRIMITIVE models and then actually see how that once you get some primitives built, then creating and changing the composite models and implementations in order to get at General Management problems is quite simple. We explore this by using several methodologies and tools that will help you “implement” the Zachman concepts in your enterprise. Understanding this “science” offers great capability to EAs for analysis and simulation solutions in their enterprise. It is a different EA paradigm!

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This Level 1 course not only prepares you to take the Level 1 Zachman® exam in order to obtain your Zachman Certified™ – Enterprise Architect Associate (Level 1) designation, but also prepares you to present your case study for designation as a Zachman Certified™ – Enterprise Architect Professional (Level 2).

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