Transformation and the Future of the Enterprise


In the most recent release of Forbes Magazine, a curious study was revealed to the readers in which three key words were used to demonstrate a trend in the so-called “Middle Market Companies.” However, for those who are proactively defining the market and closely anticipating the future of global enterprise, perhaps the survey was not so curious after all. In fact this study came as a clear and happy verification.

The study’s introduction stated clearly that:

“Companies with a more ‘transformative’ mindset are more likely to achieve a range of benefits that drive stronger financial performance.”

In other words, it is those companies who have adopted a cultural realization of transformation that are most suited to achieve their goals.

“Transformative mindset.” Toward what end? The title of the article informs us: Harnessing Innovation to Jumpstart Growth. Once the transformation mindset has been realized, innovation can be harnessed; that is, it has a purpose and a direction. What is that direction? “To jumpstart growth.”

[title size=”3″]Transformation. Innovation. Growth.[/title] The three words.

Here at Elyon Strategies, our specialty is Enterprise Architecture. But we have recognized that perhaps this is far more “ivory tower,” or “snooty” than it needs to be. For all we are, once we have eliminated the fluff, is a group of transformation specialists. We agree with the conclusion in this study that the “transformative mindset” is the key to the successful future of the enterprise. Which is why we have made it the function of our services to ensure that each and every client whom we work with is caught up in the wonders of transformation.

Since transformation is our goal, we have a set of five principles in order to maintain our focus and path toward an ever-transforming transformation mindset. We recognize that if we are pursuing transformation, our clients too will follow. Two of these principles are “innovation” and “growth.” Therefore, our interpretation of the study, which effectively and succinctly supports the “Elyon way,” is that the world is catching on. The transformation revolution is not something that the writers at Forbes have invented. Neither is it something that Elyon has fabricated out of thin air. Businesses around the world are recognizing that the “transformative mindset” is the necessary mindset.

“Transformation starts here,” is our motto. It is our breath. Truly, it has become our mindset. In this recession-ridden economic environment your choice is simple: you can join the rest in recession, or join Elyon in progression.

But if you choose the latter, understand that only transformation can get you there. And it gets you there by allowing you to harness the economic demand for innovation in order to jump-start your growth. The Forbes conclusion, and the Elyon way, is just what the modern enterprise needs.