Why the Modern Enterprise Needs Enterprise Architecture


Change. Can you think of a scarier word for the modern enterprise? In the highly competitive world of 21st century enterprises, change means to shift from a point of comfort and familiarity to a point of fast-paced learning. Change entails an unknowable future. And therefore it entails risk.

And therefore it also demands a heavy emphasis on Enterprise Architecture. It is true that you can get from point A to point B without “EA-ing” yourself. But what most enterprises realize when they enact change without EA, is that point B is never what they want it to be. And perhaps point B was a bad goal, because their vision requires point C.

Change then, without EA, has its emphasis on risk. Without architecting the change, risk is multifaceted. Not only is there the presence of the unknowable, but there is also the lack of financial calculation to indicate cost savings, adequate matrices to identify success, and, perhaps most devastating, insufficient documentation to track the heavily involved labor and hours.

Change is inevitable. The 21st century market environment demands it. But as for risk… risk is largely a choice. And it is not a choice that lies on the shoulders of the top-notch IT guys. Rather, it is the responsibility of the chief executive, that is, the leader of the “business-side.” The leading corporate world of tomorrow, regardless of the country and culture, from the United States to Great Britain to Hong Kong, will depend on who takes the responsibility for proper change today.

Everybody knows the economies and markets are changing. But who is willing to invest in Enterprise Architecture to limit their risk exposure? That is the question. Elyon Enterprise Strategies stands ready to answer, for anyone ready for change.